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    This could very well be the end of the story, were it not for one man. Still, Spotte is unwilling to entirely write the incident off. Have you tried any other bizarre foods in Korea? Your enquiry has been sent successfully. A book-lover who loves losing herself in fantasy and historical fiction, Rosxalynd is working towards her goal of viewing and unravelling the mysteries the world has to offer. Tatlo lang naman un eh.
    the korean penis fish the korean penis fish


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    Every culture has its list of bizarre foods, and of course Korea is no exception. Think kimchi was the weirdest thing you ate in Korea? Image credits: J. Patrick Fischer. Koreans love their seafood, whether cooked, raw, or dare I say it, live. Usually eaten raw and live, gaebul are usually cut into bite-sized pieces which continue to wriggle around on the plate, before they are popped into our oral cavities. Apparently it tastes like saltwater.
    the korean penis fish the korean penis fish

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    Hey you asked me what I learned today, that's what I just learned thanks to penderis. Upon waking up I checked my notifications on Busy. Org and surprise surprise, a Penis Fish was waiting for me. No of course this is not about Candiru , the other penis fish, which is a variety of small catfish that can allegedly go up a man's urethra because hey, its supposedly parasitic. This is about a worm, an edible sea worm.
    the korean penis fish the korean penis fish
    It is widely referred to as the fat innkeeper worm or the penis fish. On the surface of the body there are many small papillae. This spoonworm lives in a U-shaped burrow in muddy sand and feeds on detritus. Males and females produce sperm and eggs, respectively. This spoonworm is a detritivore and creates a U-shaped burrow in the soft sediment of the seabed. A ring of glands at the front of the proboscis secrete mucus which sticks to the burrow wall. The worm continues to exude mucus as it moves backwards in the burrow thus creating a mucus net.
    the korean penis fish the korean penis fish

    What is Gaebul?

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