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    I blew a chunk of myself off into her body and tried to keep up my motions, but failed. Finally my tongue meets its goal, but only stops to tease her as I circle back down from the top of her other pussy lip. My probe fills the hole and slides up the center of her hot, wet cunt. They're all sexy! They were in their panties only. Her tangy, slightly salty taste filled my mouth and her juices covered my face. I was in heaven.
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    I lay awake in my bed listening to my sister and her friends laughing and giggling in the room below. My hand wraps itself around my cock as it starts to swell, thinking of Hannah pulling down the straps of her top. Her straps fall to her sides and her hand slides up and over her stomach, brushing her tit as it circles over the top of her shirt and down in, cupping herself. It fits perfectly in her hand as she swirls her right thumb around it. Her tongue slides out of her mouth and my cock would fit perfectly between those two lips, her tongue swirling around it. Her right hand grips the base of my shaft as she sucks and swirls her tongue around the head.
    sleepover sex story sleepover sex story

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    Search the Site Loading. Friday, 30 September Summer sleepover. They were giggling as usual. My daughter Ashley and her three best friends were having their monthly sleepover. They enjoyed the swimming pool during the day and the fact that Ashley had her own TV, video and a nice big bedroom at the far side of the house. I guess maybe also that Ashley's mother left us years ago, so they had only me to put up with. I shook my head and tried to get back to work.
    sleepover sex story sleepover sex story
    Me and my best friend were at her house for a sleep over. When we were playing some board game she said she was going to get something. I waited for 10 minutes and gotired of waiting and thought she had hurt herself or something. I heard moans coming from a room and I peaked in to see my best friend and her father having sex. It looked like she was enjoying it so much that I started playing with myself outside their room. I went back to my best friend's room after 3 minutes and when she came back she apologized and we went back to our sleepover plans. Next time you should surprise them both and join in on the fun.
    sleepover sex story sleepover sex story

    Truth or Dare at Sisters Sleepover

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