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    One major study that links male homosexuality to heredity was done by researchers J. For example:. Bou Eds. For the book, see Sexual Preference book. Of the 40 families who were tested, Dr.
    sexual orientation determined at graph sexual orientation determined at graph


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    In recent years, the issue concerning the origin of human sexual orientation has generated a lot of attention not only in the LGBT community, but as well as in political and scientific circles. As a result, many doctors, psychologists, scientists, and other concerned groups have attempted to develop methods and conduct researches to determine what makes homosexual become what they are. With the recent findings proving how genes affect sexual orientation, as well as the on and on failure confirming that external factors influence sexual preferences, many people are now believing that sexual orientation is truly determined at birth. In fact, 47 percent of Americans now believe that sexual orientation is innate and not a choice, according to the poll from Gallup. Here are the factors showing that our sexual orientation is already settled before our birth. In , a group of scientists at the National Institutes of Health, which was led by Dr. Dean Hamer, claimed that genes could affect the development of same-sex orientation in men.
    sexual orientation determined at graph sexual orientation determined at graph

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    A Northern California author says he's discovered the missing link that explains the biological source of sexual orientation. While doing research for his recent book, The Whole-Brain Path to Peace , James Olson stumbled upon what he says is the direct correlation between hemispheric dominance in the brain and whether a person is gay or straight. And heterosexual women and gay men are much more likely to be dominated by the right hemisphere of the brain, which regulates feeling and cultural awareness. Rather, Olson contends, sexual orientation is determined by brain hemisphere dominance. Most men are left-brain dominant, whereas most women are right-brain dominant. After reviewing a large collection of scientific literature, Olson hypothesized that when a man is right-brain dominant or a woman is left-brain dominant, that person will be gay or lesbian. As such, Olson reiterates conventional scientific wisdom that sexual orientation is predetermined and unchangeable.
    sexual orientation determined at graph sexual orientation determined at graph
    He wrote this for InsideSources. It appeared at Newsday. But is it true that sexual orientation is determined at or before birth? The biological purpose of sex is reproduction, and natural sexual reproduction only occurs in opposite-sex relationships. Surveys about sexuality have shown that these three elements of sexual orientation are not always consistent with each other, and not always stable over time. There are also significant differences between male and female sexuality.
    sexual orientation determined at graph sexual orientation determined at graph

    Top 10 Reasons Sexual Orientation Is Not a Choice

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