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    Do you have a shortwave so you can hear Frank? After the death of Henry, the last King of the East Franks, the only remaining Frankish kings were in Western Francia, which would become the modern state of France. One time Frank called in and he mentioned his website and his new status. Most reacted comment. Or did you already try that?
    vintage frank of queens vintage frank of queens

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    This is a list of the women who have been Queens consort of the Frankish people. As all monarchs of the Franks have been required by law and tradition to be male, there has never been a Queen regnant of the Franks although some women have governed as regents. A timeline of consorts Frankish rulers is difficult since the realm was, according to old Germanic practice, frequently divided among the sons of a leader upon his death and then eventually reunited. Another factor is the practice of polygamy in the Frankish society, and it is unclear who was a concubine, a mistress, or a legal wife. Most of early Merovingian queens are nothing but names, and almost nothing is known about them. The marital status of some wives of early Frankish kings are unclear and polygamy was practiced.
    vintage frank of queens vintage frank of queens

    I do love a good drag show, although I think the current trend towards exaggerated makeup, hair and clothing takes away from the simple beauty of a man dressed as a woman. Back in the day, the more realistic your drag costume, the better; acts like Bert Savoy and The Rocky Twins made their fame through their very realistic drag, and part of their appeal was their ability to fool the men in the crowd. They were less drag and more trans. I stumbled on some photos which may or may not be photoshopped of Victorian men in drag, and that led me to Queer Music Heritage , a website dedicated to female impersonators from the past. In its pages I found many gorgeous drag queens spanning the 20th century.
    vintage frank of queens vintage frank of queens
    If anyone can help locate Vintage Frank from Queens, I am more than interested. Thank you! His signature sign off when calling the Bob Grant Show. Who is he? Just a caller to the show? The only thing i can think of is e-mailing Bob Grant and see if he might know.
    vintage frank of queens vintage frank of queens

    List of Frankish queens

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