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    That's the beauty of vintage tees - there are iconic vintage t-shirts to choose from for every passion and personality that is as tailor-fitted, scuffed, dirtied or ripped as you need to show your level of expert commitment. We have your favorite comic Superheroes tees from Marvel and DC Comics as well as the top classic rock band tees and tank tops. In the end, the future of vintage retro t shirts promises wild possibilities and is most likened to what's "big" now. I was very happy to see that the t shirts are nice thick cotton and very well made. These are the minute questions we ask ourselves without even knowing it when we find the perfect vintage shirt.
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    Real vintage garments give off a cool vibe that brand-new ones just don't have. But some don't hold up well over time. A year old T-shirt would be pretty icky—it takes a lot of laundering to wash away all of that sweat! Our collection of vintage T-shirts avoids that problem. Print designs include cultural icons from the 60s, 70s and 80s.
    vintage t fitted vintage t fitted

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    Movie tees make a statement and show your passion or sense of humor. Shirts from movies like, Forest Gump or Ferris Bueller But other then that, love the logo of the Seahawks on the shirt and the sleeves are the perfect length--hate short, cap sleeves! I had been searching for a particular shirt for my boyfriends birthday. Only reason it didn't get trashed was it's his favorite shirt. Bought three t shirts and I am happy with all of them.
    vintage t fitted vintage t fitted


    vintage t fitted vintage t fitted

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